“Impact investments are investments made with the intention of generating measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial return.”
– The Global Impact Investing Network


There are new Australian intermediaries offering impact investment opportunities. Check out:

  • Impact Investment Group – creates impact investment opportunities which generate attractive financial returns to investors and deliver meaningful change for society.
  • Social Ventures Australia – works with innovative partners to invest in social change.
  • The Difference Incubator – developing investment ready enterprises that create positive social impact and are financially sustainable.

Some case studies of impact investment include:

  • The GoodStart deal – Australia’s first large impact investment as a reaction to the collapse of ABC Learning.
  • Streat – an example of a social enterprise that received impact investment to acquire two cafes and a roasting business. It provides homeless youth with the life-skills, work experience and training to start a career in hospitality.
  • Team Wild Yachting – a Queensland yachting enterprise that develops life skills for and empowers at-risk individuals.

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