The mission of the Toy Well is to help more children access high quality toys to support play based learning in their homes. The Toy Well does this by helping community hubs, toy libraries or other organisations establish free toy lending services for disadvantaged families. The Toy Well intends to provide organisations with the resources – toys, funding, advice, volunteers and potentially venues – they need to establish and maintain a free toy lending service. Recognising the vital role that parents play in supporting play-based learning, The Toy Well will also develop an education program for parents.

Project Description
Students created a plan for the rollout of the Toy Well, which included researching and assessing potential partner organisations as well as potential avenues to source toys, staff, venues and the development of the parental education program.

Students implemented a pilot program for Toy Well at a number of locations in Sydney. This involved developing: a website and social media pages for The Toy Well, a pitch document to the potential community partners, a drive to secure free toys and a marketing plan for the service.

AllisonThe Toy Well