As a planet we are facing a critical period in our history. Meat and fish consumption worldwide is predicted to double in the next 35 years. Habitat destruction, overfishing and climate change have emerged as serious threats to humanity’s future. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation highlights the livestock sector as “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global”.

In response, millions of people in the Western world are reducing their meat consumption. Their motivations include health, animal welfare, the environment and human rights but this movement is not enough to stop the destruction.

Project Description
Led by Chris Darwin (the great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin), the Darwin Challenge mobile app aims to amplify this movement by showing users the concrete benefits of their efforts to eat less meat. The Darwin Challenge aims to inspire millions of people to have one meat-free day per week. Each time an app user logs a meat-free day, the app motivates them by showing them the impact they have created. To develop the app, significant funding is needed. The Darwin Challenge will run a crowdfunding campaign to supplement the funding for the app development and to build the community base of The Darwin Challenge.

Students will take the lead in designing and implementing the crowdfunding campaign for The Darwin Challenge. Students will also undertake critical work to map and build stakeholder relationships, develop a media and marketing plan and draft public relations and mainstream media pieces to enable the campaign to maximise its possible impact and chance of success.

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