PwC is one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, their global network of firms help Australian businesses, not-for-profit organisations and governments assess their performance and improve the way they work.

The Innovation Network has been built by the Social Impact Hub with the support of PwC. The idea for the Innovation Network originated from the PwC Capital Markets Forum in Sydney. One of the recurrent themes of the Forum was the need for Australia to continually innovate, and for the necessary support to be provided to start-ups to help them thrive.

Project Description
There are a significant number of incubation hubs already providing support to start-ups. There are also a number of large corporates that are involved in the start-up ecosystem, and there are some examples of successful partnerships with universities. Despite numerous attempts at collaboration, the ecosystem generally remains fragmented with little co-operation across sectors. There is a need for a Innovation Network, with the principal goal of improving the collaboration of existing innovators with a supportive ecosystem of corporates, universities, government and incubators.

Students conducted research to map the current Australian innovation landscape, including mapping corporates involved in the start-up ecosystem, university and government initiatives, venture capital funders, and start-up incubators. Students then helped to build a website that shares this information publicly on an online platform.

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