Promise or Pay is a social enterprise that believes that one promise can make a huge difference and that personal promises can drive real, wide-scale change. Research shows the chance of achieving a goal increases 33% if it is shared with others and by 72% if money is put on the line. Promise or Pay combines these two approaches to help people stick to their goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive. Have a look and make a promise!

Project Description
Three of Promise or Pay’s objectives are to:

  • create and enhance new fundraising opportunities for Australian charities;
  • improve the Australian public’s health and social wellbeing;
  • implement a financially sustainable business model and achieve scale.

Students worked on a business plan for Promise or Pay that helps further these three objectives. This included a competitor analysis, as well as identifying and establishing partnerships to help Promise or Pay scale, especially those within the health and wellness sector, as well as additional charity partners, large-scale community events or corporates that may be interested in working with Promise or Pay.

What The Client Said
“The team helped me with my business plan, competitor analysis and to identify potential partners to help Promise or Pay scale.

The students were across my enterprise from the get-go and I really valued their ability to listen to my needs throughout the project.

Being located at the Social Impact Hub was truly motivating and allowed regular interaction with the team – it was great to witness the team’s enthusiasm, passion and hard work.

Promise or Pay has now secured social investment and is excited about the next stage in our growth!”

Jay Boolkin

AllisonPromise or Pay