The Mercy Foundation is an organisation that is committed to social justice and structural change to create greater social equity and inclusion in the Australian community. The Foundation is concerned about homelessness and its related causes and consequences. It makes grants, advocates and works in partnership with other organisations to help bring an end to homelessness.

Project Description
The NSW Government released its Social Impact Investment Policy on 4 February 2015. One of the four key areas of focus is preventing or reducing homelessness among young people. The NSW Government has said that a cohort of young people, who are over-represented in the homeless population, provides the most scope for improved outcomes. The overall goal of this project was to help with the development of an impact investment mechanism to prevent or reduce homelessness in NSW, which brings additional private investment into the homelessness sector.

This project reviewed and analysed existing international social impact investment mechanisms relating to homelessness, interviewed some of the people involved in structuring these transactions, and then identified potential programs, partners, investment structures, measurement options and investor types in NSW.

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