The Social Impact Hub Clinic has four course codes at UNSW Law School:

  • JURD7775 Social Impact Hub (Intensive Clinic)
  • JURD7574 Social Impact Hub (Non-Intensive Clinic)
  • LAWS3075 Social Impact Hub (Intensive Clinic)
  • LAWS3074 Social Impact Hub (Non-Intensive Clinic)

The course provides formal and informal training, as well as supervised practical experience, in planning and implementing a project in a field of social impact.

In each semester, projects will be offered from the following fields:

  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation;
  • Social finance;
  • Philanthropy;
  • Impact investing;
  • Business and human rights;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Pro bono and volunteering;
  • Law and social movements;
  • Measuring social impact;
  • Collective impact; and
  • Other related fields.

Students are able to preference the project(s) on which they want to work. Students work in small teams on each project. Although projects differ each semester, visit our projects page to read about some of our past projects.

Students may be involved in research and policy work, writing, advocacy, advising and related activities. Students will be critically analysing the role of businesses, lawyers, foundations, not-for-profits and investors as part of the course.

During semester, students are required to work for at least 12 days per semester at the Social Impact Hub if undertaking the non-intensive course, generally one day a week through the course of semester, and attend the team meeting.

Students are required to work for at least 24 days per semester at the Social Impact Hub if undertaking the intensive course, generally two days a week through the course of semester. The exact time and day of this attendance will be negotiated between the student and the Director of the Social Impact Hub.

Students are also required to attend weekly seminars. These are designed to introduce students to different perspectives on social impact and also promote discussion and critical reflection on a wide range of issues that may arise during the experiential component of the course.

During summer, the program will be condensed.  Seminars will be held in an intensive block over two days.

The clinic format gives students a unique opportunity to put into practice professional skills and doctrinal knowledge that will be expected of them as young professionals. For example, students will be expected to develop a project plan and associated timeframe and work to the plan. The course will also develop students’ ability to engage professionally and work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders, while gaining experience in producing written work-product that may be relied upon by other professionals. Students are able develop these capacities within a supportive environment in which they are closely supervised and individualised feedback is frequently available, and in which critical reflection is encouraged.  Students will be given significant responsibility and be expected to take initiative, developing the confidence and humility necessary to be effective social change agents in their chosen career.

Application and selection

Participation in the program is by competitive application. Selection will be on the basis of academic merit, relevant experience, and the requirements of the Social Impact Hub.

Priority will be given to students who are prepared to do the course intensively because students are able to have a more immersive experience, and benefit more from the clinic, completing it intensively.

To apply, please fill out the application form on the Law School’s website.

A great deal of time and resources is expended to organise these practical courses. For this reason you cannot unenrol from the course without the special permission of the Course Convenor. Please keep this in mind before applying for the course.

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