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We’re excited to present 3 Masterclasses that we will run in October as part of the Spark Festival, Australia’s largest gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs and startups.



Curious about how social intrapreneurship and social enterprise can drive corporate innovation?

You will get a chance to hear from the experiences of Alex Feher (Culture Works), Richard Schutte (NAB), Daniel Murray (IAG Foundation), and Mahesh Roy (Macquarie Bank).

Register now to discover how these business leaders have used purpose to pivot and innovate, overcome obstacles and ultimately create shared value.

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Ready to learn how to tell a compelling story to inspire and ignite impact?

Facilitated by two of Australia’s finest storytellers Tom Dawkins from StartSomeGood and Rob Irving from The Funding Network, this workshop will help you learn how to plan, structure, and present your stories and pitches to really engage your audience and leave them inspired and ready to act!

Register now to learn how to best tell your story and pitch it to maximise your outreach, impact and strike rate.

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Want to master your strategic planning and maximise the impact of your organisation?

Led by expert Mark Osborn, this session will guide you through an established methodology to refine your organisational strategy, engage team members in the process to ensure their alignment, and create an easy-to-communicate 2-page strategy roadmap.

Register now to learn better ways to articulate your strategic plans and give yourself the best chance to execute on your plan.

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