Humanitix is a social enterprise third party ticketing platform for events, festivals, venues and conferences that enables its patrons to delegate the booking fee from their ticket to be used to support an approved charity in health, environment or education.

Project Description
Globally, billions of dollars are collected every year in booking fees from ticketing agencies who provide little more than a standard, easy to replicate ticketing service. Humanitix aims to turn every event into an opportunity for philanthropy by turning every patron into a donor to charity.

This comes at no extra cost to the patron and no sacrifice in service to the event, with clear and transparent reporting of the funds given to charity.

Humanitix empowers both event organisers and their patrons to choose where their ticketing fee goes and believes that this will revolutionise the way individuals look at, and, experience the transaction of ticket purchasing and fees.

Humanitix was looking to create and refine its approach to on-boarding customers and generate a buzz in the industry. Students worked to create a marketing plan; perform a market analysis to identify key events/clients which Humanitix should target; refine the brand, image and overall messaging communicated to the market.