Fighting Chance is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to enrich the lives of young adults with disability in Australia.

Through the creation of innovative training programs and social businesses, Fighting Chance provides opportunities for meaningful social participation, employment, work experience and skill development to young people with disabilities in our community.

Project Description
Students helped to develop a framework to measure the impact of Fighting Chance on the lives of people with a disability.

Theories of change and sets of indicators were developed for Avenue and Jigsaw, two social enterprises owned by Fighting Chance. These are intended to be used as tools for planning and measuring the impact of each organisation as they continue to grow in the future, and as communication documents to assist Fighting Chance in securing funding, including impact investment.

What The Client Said
“The Theory of Change framework the Social Impact Hub team developed for us gets right to the heart of what we are aiming to do, and will underpin Fighting Chance’s growth in the next few years by keeping us focused on the impact we are trying to have.

After several years struggling to have breakthrough in this space, having this framework in place is absolutely critical for non-profits like Fighting Chance.”

Laura O’Reilly

AllisonFighting Chance