Digital Storytellers are a fresh creative agency of film producers, digital pros and artists forming a social enterprise with a mission to use the power of storytelling to write a better narrative for the world.

Project Description
The Social Impact Hub worked with The Digital Storytellers to develop their theory of change. A culture building workshop also allowed the team to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as an organisation.

What the Client Said
“We reached out to the Social Impact Hub after seeing their groundbreaking work with the Field Guide to Impact Investing, as we were seeking impact experts to help us further our journey as a social enterprise.

The collective brain power of the team helped us crystallise our thinking into our awesome theory of change. We’re very proud showing it off to our fellow social impact geeks!

The culture building workshop was a great reflection on our strengths and weaknesses as an organisation, and has given us the language we need to move forward and engage others in our social enterprise journey.”

Mikey Leung

AllisonDigital Storytellers