Community Insight Australia is a start-up social enterprise to bring the UK Community Insight web-based tool to Australia. The tool allows non-expert users to easily explore social profiles of the communities they work with.

Project Description
In 2013, UK housing think-do-tank HACT and social policy data experts OCSI launched Community Insight. It is a web-based tool that allows non-expert users to explore social indicators of need quickly and easily, using constantly-updated, reliable, geo-coded data.

Both organisations are social enterprises and keen to support the translation of the tool to Australia. It is highly cost-effective and feasible to deliver, as the platform already exists in the UK. Students developed a business plan and marketing strategy for a start-up social enterprise to bring this innovative tool to Australia. The tool will use publicly available data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the existing platform from the UK. Students advised on effective marketing to potential users and the design of a sustainable social enterprise business model.

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