Collaboration for Impact (CFI) is a network that aims to help communities tackle deeply entrenched and complex social problems and achieve large-scale social change. CFI does this by helping communities to learn how to increase their skills in collaboration and systemic leadership and apply the collective impact framework. CFI is working to develop a cohort of leaders who think and act systemically to better address the root causes of social issues.

Project Description
CFI was looking to develop an online learning platform to facilitate and enhance peer learning and expert support in the area of systemic leadership and approaches to social change. The platform will support people who are trying to work collaboratively but encounter small obstacles. It will provide them with resources and insights as to how collaboration works in practice that can help them overcome the problem themselves – without needing to delay and invest money in an expert consultant. It is planned that a MVP version of the platform will be launched in February or March 2017. The development of the platform will be philanthropically funded and publicly accessible for free.

Alongside the tech build, a key component of the development of the online platform is the educational content that will populate the website and be accessible for the CFI network and broader community. Students were responsible for developing this content for the platform. Students analysed key secondary international and domestic resources in the area of collective impact to identify best practice materials that should be integrated on the platform. They also conducted qualitative interviews with experts in the collective impact field to capture insights and expert knowledge that will be included on the platform.

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