Call Me Dad is a powerful social impact documentary about men who have perpetrated, or at risk of perpetrating, family violence. At stake is the safety of children and partners, the stability of families, and the power of society to intervene. The film follows the men over several months, as they attempt to change themselves, and heal their family relationships. The filmmakers travelled around Australia with the support of White Ribbon, to screen the film in as many town halls as possible.

GoodPitch Australia brings together an array of individuals and companies together ranging from those in the philanthropic space all the way to policy makers, and corporate brands, with the aim of forging powerful coalitions around key social issues. GoodPitch is highly strategic, it’s about collective impact and scale, and at the heart of each coalition is a feature documentary.

Project Description
Students worked closely with the filmmakers to develop education and outreach materials to help facilitate a public discussion around the issues of domestic and family violence. This process included an analysis of other resources currently available, identifying the gap in the public discourse that storytellers could fill, and making recommendations about target audience, the form of the materials and their distribution.

AllisonCall Me Dad