ActionAid supports women living in poverty to stand up and claim their human rights by collectively confronting the injustices they face. They do this by supporting women to understand their rights, reflect on the people and systems that oppress them, and harness their power to act with others to change their lives and positions in society. ActionAid Australia is part of a global organisation in 45 countries around the world.

Project Description

ActionAid engaged the Social Impact Hub to conduct research on the challenges and successes of gender-responsive public services in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Liberia and United Kingdom.

The research report had the overarching goal of promoting women’s wellbeing in public spaces. The eight countries vary geographically, historically, culturally, politically and economically, so combined they provide a diverse snapshot of the progress on women’s urban safety. The paper’s exploration into unique cultural practices and beliefs of each country has also led to insights on country-specific gendered harms in urban areas.

By delivering a comprehensive analysis of the eight selected countries, the report sets out to appraise country performance, identify areas with room for improvement, and enrich existing work on the livelihoods of urban women from around the world.

The research aims to empower the advocacy efforts of ActionAid by equipping their research with relevant data to encourage governments to take affirmative steps towards the eradication of violence against women in urban spaces.